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The Roadmap 3.0, the comprehensive digital marketing course, is your key to mastering the online business landscape. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your skills, this course has everything you need.

This is the digital course that's taken the Internet by storm. You might have seen it on TikTok, YouTube or being promoted nearly everywhere. We've been online for quite a while and never seen anything like this. It's trending wildly and sales of this course are blowing up.

This course will teach you digital marketing, It's really just that good. When you purchase it for yourself you get something amazing. You get the Master Resell Rights. This means you own the course and can sell it as your own.

This means you get all of the profits . One sale and you're minimal investment is right back in your pocket. Then with every sale you get all the money. No matter how many times you promote and sell it, you earn 100% of every sale.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned marketer, this is a remarkable digital product and an amazing income opportunity. That's why we're making a special marketing offer that includes The Roadmap, and some very cool bonuses valued at nearly $1,700. More on that in a moment.

Let's talk about the course itself. This is a course that's changing lives, turning beginners into successful digital marketers, and helping several thousand people, so far, earn real money from marketing a valuable and important product.

Why Choose The Roadmap 3.0?

First, it's very user-friendly. The course is designed for easy understanding, regardless of your prior experience.

Next, you get complete coverage. Learning about the inner workings of email marketing to affiliate programs, the proper use of social media, building landing pages and beyond. The creators Zach and Hannah Pippins have left no stone unturned. Every one of the video-driven learning modules is up to date, including AI and current info regarding ChatGPT. Plus, there are always ongoing updates to the course.

In addition, there are Expert Insights. You get the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals who have walked the path and achieved success in the digital realm.

Here's what's even more exciting. You don't have to go it alone. There is an outstanding Roadmap community that includes nearly 3,600 Roadmap 3.0 owners who love to share what's working with their own experiences using and earning with The Roadmap.

Now, let's talk about the earning potential of owning and selling The Roadmap.

As we said, once you purchase the course you own it. It's yours to resell as a digital product as many times as you choose and earn 100%.

Of course, as you know, there are no guarantees of any amount of sales or promises of any amount of income. However, there's real magic when you share information about the course and make a sale. Each time that happens you earn 100% of the profits from each sale.

It's fair to tell you the cost of The Roadmap 3.0 course is only $497. Make your first sale and yours just became FREE.

Let's look at some potential earning numbers. Not blue sky or promises. Just a few examples of the numbers you could achieve when you decide to put some real effort into marketing the course.

Sell one course a month for 12 months and you'll earn $5,964 in a year.

Sell one course a week for one year and you'll earn an annual income of $25,844 which is the equilivant of an $18 an hour job putting in 40 or more hours a week, after taxes. Which would you rather do?

We know these numbers are doable. With nearly 3,600 members in the Roadmap community, there are some real success stories.

But what if you put your marketing efforts into overdrive. And with social media, video channels like YouTube & TikTok, and a whole slew of marketing resources you can use to promote, market and sell The Roadmap, there's no reason you can't blow up your own sales.

Imagine having a digital product that kicks starts your digital marketing business, even a digital empire. This course is all of that and more, and because you get all the profits you can really have fun with your projections.

One of our goals with The Roadmap is to help one person a day discover the potential of digital marketing, and digital products using this course.

If we were to succeed, that would bring in 365 sales and at $497 that's an income of $181,405. We know it's hard to even fathom that kind of success but think about it like this.

The truth is only about 5% of online marketers ever achieve this kind of success. We believe The Roadmap can change that percentage, or at least help you become one of the 5%.

Every person with a product needs customers. Some people sell only how much they need, while others have higher goals. Most companies don't put limits on how many customers they can attract or how many sales they can make.

We believe independent marketers should also think this way. When someone writes a book they believe will help their readers, they don't put limits on how many readers they should have.

Some authors go on to sell thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of books. There have been tremendous profits from just books, but also digital products like learning courses like The Roadmap.

It's about selling information. Today, that industry is projected to be a multi-billion dollar business. The Roadmap as a training course is just a drop in the bucket of what's available, but it can be your little piece of this huge pie.

Whether you purchase the course for the learning and expanding your own knowledge of digital marketing or you get it to learn and make the course available to others, The Roadmap is a remarkable.

We know you can buy The Roadmap 3.0 from anyone promoting it. We want you to have a greater chance for success, a real edge, so we're offering some special bonuses should you make the decision to get it from us here on this site.

Of course, you'll find us as part of the Roadmap community, but for those who purchase The Roamap from us we're going to do everything we can to insure your success.

Once your purchase is confirmed, we'll connect and provide you with these additional bonuses.

Bonus #1 - We'll give you Our Exclusive Sales Blueprint Called "The 77 Ways To Promote and Sell The Roadmap". This is a document that is constantly being updated. We want you to succeed so we'll give you the blueprint and strategy we use every day to market the course and make multiple, ongoing sales of The Roadmap. This Google doc will outline how we do it, the exact tools we use, what social media we use, and income goals we have for 2024 and beyond. We're very serious about promoting The Roadmap and helping others. You'll see that in this blueprint. You just can't put a price on the amount of this knowledge as the value is $399.

Bonus #2 - Two Canva templates. We'll give the Canva templates we use to print handout cards and PDF flyers you can use these handouts and flyers to promote The Roadmap. These are easily edited to put your website sales link and email address on them as you want. A $299 value.

Bonus #3 - We'll give you 20 prewritten email messages you can use to help you sell The Roadmap. These can also be repurposed as blog posts or just about anything else. A $400 value.

Bonus #4- We'll also give you 20 pre-written text messages you can use to invite people on text to check out the The Roadmap. These can also be repurposed for anything else. A $200 value.

In total, these bonuses are a minimum of $1,298.00 and they're yours when you purchase The Roadmap 2.0 from us right now.

So that's your invitation to own and promote The Roadmap, enjoy the community, get our exclusive bonuses, and an income-producing relationship with us.

Purchase now and we'll walk you through the sign up process to help you streamline your setup and get your access link to the course so you can get started right away. Then we'll show you how to get the personalized Roadmap Course link you'll send to your buyers.

This is an exciting time for digital marketing. Online marketing exploded during the pandemic and the success of The Roadmap is the residual effect.

Now it's your turn for digital marketing success. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro who wants another incredible income stream.

The Roadmap 3.0 is here for you now. Get yours here and take advantage of our Four Amazing Bonuses.

Remember, once you purchase The Roadmap you get all of the profits. One sale and yours if FREE with the money back in your pocket. Then with every sale you get all the money. No matter how many times you promote and sell the course.Full Width

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned marketer, this is a remarkable digital product and an amazing income opportunity. We can't to see what you'll with The Roadmap 3.0.

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